Why endurance sports?


Why Endurance Sports?

“By endurance we conquer.”
When we start a training journey as adults, we do it to reach physical and emotional wellness.
Many times, however, we give up right after the start, imagining long hours of exhaustion in the gym.
No light, no fresh air, sweating crowds.
Of course, this is not appealing at all.
What if I told you there is another way?
I dreamed of an imaginary garden where all ofour dreams are possible.
In this garden, we create a state of fitness through nature, water, mountains.
Fertile soil.
The sunlight.
Care and patience.
We grow fitness.
We grow health.

Our body is born with natural motor skills that we refine as we grow up.
At the same time, many of these skills change while we become adults, and we quickly forget about what we were capable of as kids.
A hiking trip with your family.

The freedom to walk your dog for as long as you both want.
A long walk by the sea until sunset.
The bike in the garage that you would love to dust off and use again.

That dream of
crossing a finish line.
That desire to prove yourself that you can.
And suddenly, that imaginary garden becomes real. Because you can finally walk, run, swim and ride everywhere.
Choose your beginning
Endurance Sports are the best solution to transform your life completely.From Walking to Triathlon, you can pick any discipline you want.
Just one or all of them!


Power walking, nordic walking, hiking.


Pool swimming and open water swimming.


Road cycling, mountain biking, indoor training.


From 0 to 5. 10. 21. 42km and more and trail running.


The King of endurance sports. The best adventure.

Endurance InsightsHow does it feel to race in a Triathlon?
To transform yourself.

All your senses tell you to be afraid.
Water is cold, scary.
No chances of stopping to rest.
Just jump and start swimming.
You will exit the water transformed.

To enjoy the process.

Lose the swimming clothes and jump on your bike.
Heartbeat is strong.
Breath is heavy.
Your legs start to feel the blood flowing.
You are here. You can do this.

To reach your finish line.

The more tired you are, the faster you run.
The finish line is there.
You know you can’t stop.
It’s hot. You are way outside of your comfort zone.
But your first thought once finished is “again”.

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