“Endurance is not just the ability to bear a hard thing,
but to turn it into glory..”

Nice to meet you, I am Veronica

As I said, I was born in a very tiny medieval town, in the middle of the biggest and most beautiful countryside you can possibly imagine.

When I was 20 years old, I decided to live in Milan because of computers.

After several years of working in the IT and Software department, with a desk-bound job and always at the office, I decided to get back in shape, so I discovered Triathlon.

Swimming had always been my great passion, so I added cycling and running and started an exciting adventure.

I have competed as an Age Group athlete in more than twenty short-distance races, as many open water, running and cycling races.

I have never judged my results on my performance.

My main focus was on overcoming fears and obstacles, which are inevitable when doing such an intense sport.

I wanted to change my lifestyle, my mindset and become a whole new person.

From the couch to being an athlete.

I discovered a fascinating world, and I decided to make this sport my job.

I am also an athlete for NC Milano Triathlon, TriangleSports team (Trisutto group), and Alessandro Vanotti‘s VanottiCycleTeam.

Who was I before sports coaching?

I was in high school when I discovered my passion for Information Technology, and I made a career out of it.

I was 20 years old, when I moved to Milan, leaving my first job in Siena, in an emergency rescue company.

I found my first IT job right after my arrival, and this was the very beginning of everything.

I worked with CEOs, international managers and presidents.

I travelled all over Europe as an IT Specialist.
I ran my own company too.

It was a breathtaking journey.

But guess what I loved the most about all of this?

My Users.

Why? They needed MY help.

They needed to be understood.

They needed to trust someone and to rely on a professional to solve their problems.

I have always cared very much form my Users.

As I care now for my ATHLETES.

Then I met Endurance Sports

It was not love at first sight though.

At first, I hired coaches and instructors, but I found myself always struggling.

So, I decided to fill what was an empty hole of needs for all the athletes I met (including me).

I became a coach.

It was not a comfortable journey.

But I kept believing I can make the difference.

This is where my “Fitness Garden” idea was born.

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Schools & Certificates

Scuola Nazionale Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

Federazione Italiana Nuoto

Swim Instructior Level 1

Federazione Italiana Triathlon

Triathlon Coach Level 1 and 2​

Training Peaks

Triathlon Coach Level 1

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