Why this blog? All that girl’s fault (or thanks to her)

All that girl’s fault
(or thanks to her)


Not a long time ago there was a chubby girl, very lazy.

So lazy that if she couldn’t find a parking spot near the entrance of shops, she waited for one to be available, like an old grandma. Actually, not even like a grandma, because grandmas do take walks.

So lazy that if she had to climb more than two flights of stairs, she would raise her eyes to heaven and say “Lord take me now” hoping he would put an end to her suffering.

Each time, however, she promised herself to change things.

So, she’d sign up to gym, get a diet plan prescribed, have a kickstart on everything and then… and then nothing. Chocolate cookies while watching tv are better than rice crackers and that’s a fact.

Time passed, and this girl didn’t understand why there was no way to change things.
Yet at work and in everyday life she was good, she had the will and the ability to cope with difficulties.

“Maybe,” she thought one day, “I still haven’t found something that really gets me excited – something that really makes me want to change.”

At this point we could imagine movie scenes in which our girl becomes a heroine and like a female version of Rocky she begins to train at 5 in the morning wearing a very ugly tracksuit and eventually becomes a champion.

Well, now I can tell you that the girl in question managed to change. She didn’t become a champion, but she did start to train and curse all mankind at 5 in the morning.

How did this girl – a girl so lazy that would call the fire department for help if she forgot her cell phone upstairs – how did she become someone who wakes up early to… oh jeez, to… train?!

I’m going to tell you.
But not now, I deserve a nap now.
Laziness is not a flaw, you know!