The Athlete’s Mindset

The Athlete’s Mindset

7 steps to be Unstoppable

More than 10 hours of coaching summarized in a rapid mindset transformational course

A course to learn how to think like an athlete

Our life is a chaos of emotions.
Good, bad, exciting, terrifying.
Every day we have to make choices, endure something, obtain, conquer, build.

It is very easy to lose our temper and feel lost.
“Do some sport”, they tell you, “it helps”.

But how? And how much? And when? I have no time! But above all, why?
Everything starts, as always, from our mind.
Even before taking the first step in the gym or to the park for a walk, you need to think like an athlete.

The world of sport also looks like a chaos. 
Sculpted bodies, excellent athletes. 
Performance, goals, challenges everywhere.

“And what does this have to do with me? No, I don’t feel like it, I can’t.”

But yes, it has a lot to do with you too. And yes, believe me, you can.

Let me tell you how I did.
From my beloved and very comfortable sofa to the triathlon.
And I’ll be honest, I promise you, in the easy aspects, and, especially, in the difficult ones.
Before starting I ask you to trust and believe me: it’s true, thinking like an athlete is really much better.
About the course
More than 10 hours of coaching summarized in a rapid mindset transformational course
60 minutes to discover a range of possibilities, to feel you are understood, and to know where to start with your journey to a new you! 
I will tell you everything you need to know to move your first steps. All these concepts are usually given through many hours of 1:1 Coaching, leaving you with a lot of questions for weeks, until the program dives into the “good part”.
Here you can find everything, all the insights you need, to have a clear view of the Big Picture.
What’s on the course

The 5 Pillars of an athlete’s mindset

Why it’s important to think like an Athlete

7 steps to rewrite your thinking routine

How to create habits​

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I am really excited about this course! How it’s structured and above all, the fact that I DID NOT feel anxious while reading it!
I felt a huge confidence, a sense of possibility and success.
This is incredible for me.



There is nothing “shouted”, forced or artificial on this course.
Nothing that makes you immediately think “Yes, thank you, but please leave me alone”, like many other similar courses.


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It’s like a friend who tells you “Everything is ok, I’m here, one step at a time. I’ve been there. I know how you feel, and everything will be fine.”



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